Wednesday, February 24, 2016

First of Many: Zoology!

So, it occurred to me when I first began this blog that you all will basically be following along with whatever our current obsessions and book loves are!

#sorrynotsorry ;-)

This past few years, we have been reading more and more, going deeper and deeper into our studies of zoology. All three of my children are really fascinated, but just recently this interest has become a little more serious, with requests for more extensive research and study. Okay then!

(Thus the title of this particular post: 'First of Many' ... I have a feeling there will be quite a few zoologically themed books over the next few months).

We have been big fans of Gail Gibbons for years, and if you have an elementary aged child who is even interested in zoology or science in even a passing way, you have no doubt seen her books too. They are perfect introductions to scientific topics, from animals to botany, astronomy to meteorology. 

You may have seen the photo that I recently posted on my Instagram and Facebook accounts (are you following me there? No! Find me here and there!)

This was my eldest, The Little Guy, and Baby Girl with Wolves by Gail Gibbons. We recently found four copies of Gibbons' books that came with read-along CDs, and my children were literally smitten. Smitten!

We read through each of the four several times over the course of a few days - the partnership of the wonderful books along with the cd was such a winning combination. 

The Little Guy's favorites - Spiders and Wolves

Baby Girl loved Whales

And Little Boy was particularly engaged with Sea Turtles

Whether you find these with the read along CDs or not, these are fabulous books for preschool to early elementary aged children interested in science. So, so good!

What are your favorite zoology books for children?

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