Monday, February 6, 2017

Little House Love

If you have not already seen these wonderful picture books based on the Little House books, well, you need to!

The illustrations accompanying these short and sweet picture books are so lovely. Each book features short stories taken directly from the original novels, and capture lovely nuggets of the Pioneer life.

We read and re-read these seasonally year after year! They are *that* good!

My First Little House Books, by Laura Ingalls Wilder
(clockwise from top left)

What are you reading?
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Three Swedish Sisters

I must confess, I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Swedish children's literature; Astrid Lindgren, Elsa Beskow and Maj Lindman. As a child I adored the sweetness of the books, the coziness, and the abundance of ginger snaps!

I was so excited to come across a little stack of Maj Lindman's Flicka, Ricka, Dicka books on a recent visit to my local library. These picture books are about the adventures of three Swedish sisters who look alike and dress alike. They have sweet and gentle adventures (growing vegetables for a local market, going on picnics, and looking after kittens). Originally written in the 1940s, these are ideal picture books for a bedtime read or for sensitive children in need of a gentle read.

The author of the Flicka, Ricka, Dicka series also wrote a similar series about three brothers, Snipp, Snapp, Snurr. Same wholesome storylines, same gentle narratives.

My three kiddos just loved these! Even my eight year old boy was requesting these :)

The four we have recently enjoyed are Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and the Strawberries

And now I'm off to hunt some more Maj Lindman books down!

Monday, August 15, 2016

All The Horses

Oh my lands! 

I'm just so excited to start this year's homeschool history adventure. Last year we used Beautiful Feet's Early American History for the primary level, as our spine; it was such a good year for us. Great books, rabbit holes a plenty, juicy conversations - what's not to love?!

So this year we decided to do another year with Beautiful Feet, with  the History of the Horse curriculum. I've been slowly gathering bits and pieces for this, with a thrift store find here, an Amazon splurge there, and filling in the gaps with our trusty library card. The reading list for this curriculum looks so delightful, I can hardly stand the wait! 

Top row, l to r:  
Album of Horses, by Marguerite Henry (MH), White Stallion of Lipizza by MH, History of the Horse by Hilary Berg, Draw 50 Horses by Lee J. Ames

Bottom row, l to r:  
King of the Wing by MH, Smithsonian Handbooks: Horses by Elwyn Hartley Edwards, Justin Morgan Had a Horse by MH, Misty of Chincoteague by MH, Brighty of the Canyon by MH. 

Do you have a favorite horse book for children?
What are your home education plans for history looking like this year?
Do tell! Do share!!
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Mother and Child Summer Book Plan

I don't know about you, but I like to keep a healthy TBR (To Be Read) stack going at all times. Heaven forbid that I run out of reading material, lined up and ready to go ;)

We will be shifting into a lighter homeschool schedule now that warmer weather has arrived, but we will still have plenty (plenty!) of books around; picture books and chapter books, audio books and novels. 

Two quick caveats. This list is of possible reads; I don't read to a schedule or stick rigidly to a list. But I do like to have a rough idea of what is ahead. And, some of these will be in Audio book format, perfect for car trips (with the children) and evenings of sorting laundry and doing dishes (just for me).

What is on your summer reading list?
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Monday, May 30, 2016

A Quick Sale Post!

A very quick little post!

One of our favorite nature study writers has not one! - but two books on sale right now, in Kindle format. I don't know how long this price will last, but at only 99c a piece, they are well worth their price. 

Beautiful books visually, and superbly written! Just had to let you know :)

(A third book by the same author, A Seed is Sleepy, is also on sale right now, for $4.99. Yes, I *had* to purchase all three!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Our Week of Reading

Another week; another wonderful stack of books!

(Particular favorites are marked with an asterisk!)

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt, by Deborah Hopkinson
A simply told account of a young girl's journey from slavery to the Underground Railroad.

Sleeping Beauty, illustrated. K. Y. Craft *
The illustrations in this book are exquisite. Painted in a pre-raphaelite style, the pictures are a veritable treasure trove of hidden nuggets and foreshadowing.

A Beetle Is Shy, by Dianna Hutts Aston
We LOVE Aston's books! They are quite simply some of the most beautiful non-fiction picture books we have read.

Press Here, by Hervé Tullet *
This fast became a firm favorite! Clever and funny, all three of mine declared this their favorite book of the year (high praise indeed!)

Like Press Here (noted above), this book is clever and very very funny. We read this one multiple times over the course of a few days, and it reduced all three of my kiddos to puddles of giggles every single time.

I adored this book. The illustrations are so vibrant, and the story is delightful, inspiring and fully satisfying. (Make sure you have tissues at hand; this book had me in tears).

Annie and Helen, by Deborah Hopkinson
Another pick from Deborah Hopkinson this week! This is a biographical account of Helen Keller and her teacher Annie Sullivan. A wonderful introduction to the life of Keller, plus sign language and braille. Fascinating!

This book is a short read, and a seemingly simple tale of a mole who learns to play the violin. This is a perfect example of the illustrations helping to tell the real depths of this story.

An ostentation of peacocks, a pod of whales, a gaggle of geese! This non-fiction book is beautiful, with delightful fabric cut pictures, but with lovely gems of information as well. Another firm favorite!

Lovely! The perfect bedtime book for those young ones who may be a wee bit reluctant about bedtime *ahem*

Sweet illustrations, and a lovely story about a young girl in the Appalachia area.

By this stage, you may be seeing a bit of a theme! We were definitely in the mood for silly, funny reads this week! And here is another one; a box of crayons goes on strike and leaves notes of complaint to their owner. My seven year old loved this one, but my four year twins did not quite get the subtlety of this book.

A book of few words, a simple concept, but a huge social message. I won't ruin the surprise, but this is a hide and seek book with a twist for the preschoolers. I loved this one.

We recently read Hans Christian Andersen's original Ugly Duckling, so this book really captured the imagination of my three kiddos. I really appreciated the realistic visual portrayals the young dancer.

A wonderful verse book for preschoolers; the illustrations are striking!

Oh my goodness! How did I make to adulthood, and through nearly a decade of teaching, without reading this book? It is sublime! My children were mesmerized by this one, and played Roxaboxen for days afterwards. An added bonus? The wonderful illustrations from Barbara Cooney. Probably my favorite book of the week!

What have you been reading?
I'd love to hear from you; feel free to leave a comment with your favorite books this week!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Our Weekly Bookshelf

It's so much fun to share our highlights with you, and if you're anything like me, I love seeing what other folk are reading!

(Extra special favorites this week are marked with an asterisk).

As the title implies, this is indeed a silly tale, that had my three kiddos in giggles. This is a reread for us, and just a delightfully goofy story. 

My four year old twins enjoyed guessing who liked in each of the homes depicted. A sweet book. 

A lovely glimpse into a young girl's Sabbath preparations with her Nana. The illustrations in this book are wonderful; we really enjoyed this one b

What is Uptown? This book answers that question with wonderful art work and a sparse narrative. 

Hands down, my children's favorite book of the week! A little surreal (similar to Ruth Krauss' A Hole Is to Dig), this book is a series of vignettes, rhymes and whimsies. 

This one was my personal favorite of the week. Beautiful illustrations (by P. J. Lynch), this book shares the story of a young girl immigrating to the States in the early 1900s. Stunning. 

A funny, sweet book about a homeschool home; as homeschoolers, my children loved reading a book that captured their homeschool-home!

When a young boy wants a doll, some friends and family members are critical. This book is a gentle nod of approval to every boy who wants to care for a doll. 

"Crinkleroot was born in a tree and raised by bees ... " We are huge fans of the Crinkleroot books, and their nature focus. 

This book follows the journey of a storm; the double page illustrations were particularly popular with my audience!

A surreal little book, exploring the imaginative creations possible with pen and paper. A great read for any budding artists.

What have you been reading and enjoying just recently?
Feel free to leave a comment; I'd love to hear from you!