About Me (and All Those Books!)

I'm Becky Peak-Marquez. Homeschooling mama of three, post-partum doula, and reader of all kinds of books. It's a pleasure to share here our family reading adventures.

I've always loved to read, and now as a parent, and a former Montessori Directress, I really want to find those books that spark the same love for my own children.

We read a lot in our home, and I although I LOVE reading and finding wonderful books to share with my children, I'm also really picky - reading should be a JOY for everyone involved, whether you have independent readers or younger children who are still being read aloud to. This will be a gathering of all those lovely books that I find: something for the preschool and early elementary crowd, books that are beautiful, rich and just entice the child to sink in and fall in love the book ("just one more page, mama, please?") Thanks for visiting!

All Amazon affiliate sales made through this site will go towards the purchase of more books!

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