Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What We've Been Reading, 17th February 2016

We have had some pretty amazing picture books in our stacks just recently, you know the ones? where all three kids are sitting as quiet as little mice (usually one at each elbow, while the third lies across the back of the sofa next to my shoulders!)

By chance we checked out two library books just recently, by Janice May Udry. We read another book by her last month (Let's Be Enemies, which we loved and mentioned in this post!)

Our latest two are A Tree is Nice, and The Moon Jumpers. Both are lovely, whimsical, and beautifully illustrated.

The Moon Jumpers, illustrated by Maurice Sendak especially captured us. The story is deceptively simple; a group of children play outside one evening, but the pictures and the story are really magical! We read it quite a few times over the course of a couple of days - this Caldecott Honor book is definitely one to look for.

These three full page illustrations are from The Moon Jumpers - I must admit, I could eat them up with a spoon! They are just so magically beautiful and enchanting. This book - *such* a treat.

We also dived into a bit of Jan Brett love-fest! I must admit that I adore her illustration style; I can look at her books for hours, they are just so beautiful.

Her fore-shadowing style (with secondary pictures on most pages) is such a lovely little extra nugget on each page. I don't usually mention them to my children, just wait until someone notices them and their significance.

If you are a fan of fairy tales, her Beauty and the Beast is a treat. Those illustrations? Sumptuous!

The Three Snow Bears is perfect for the return of our snowy weather, and a lovely twist on the well known Goldilocks story.

And, finally The Mitten! This is a firm family favorite for us, one that we return to over and over again. (Every family has those books that are worn with multiple readings, the page corners softened by multiple fingers and the bindings suffering from a child's often less than respectful handling. But I must confess, I rather like to see those books in a home - the really well LOVED ones!)

What about you? What are you reading, and loving, right now?

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