Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Nest for Celeste ~ A Fantastic Chapter Book Recommendation

Oh my goodness! This chapter book is just beautiful!

Called A Nest for Celeste, by Henry Cole, I don't think I have ever seen a chapter books like this one; there are wonderful full page illustrations throughout the book, often with the text woven in to illustrations.

The book is a perfect chapter book for seven to eleven year olds, and imagines the story of John James Audubon's (yes! - that Audubon!) working on Birds of America in Louisiana in the 1820s, through the eyes of a mouse, named Celeste.

Beautifully told, with rich language, fantastic illustrations, this is a modern classic and a wonderful addition to your home library.

And, a couple of other things!

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  1. It has been since September or so that we read this, but yes, the illustrations are quite wonderful. The story was nice too. I did, however, opt to edit some of the text on the fly while reading. If memory serves it was the part(s) where Audubon himself and/or others go and hunt bird(s) for more detailed study, as was the practice back then. It was otherwise such a sweet story that I didn't want to darken our bedtime reading enjoyment with the hunting aspect. (As opposed to reading a Little House on the Prairie book which we read about hunting and such.) Anyway a lovely story indeed... great to "see" another POV of the great works of Audubon.